Outsourced in-house legal services

LAWYAL Solicitors provides outsourced in-house legal support to Australian organisations as an alternative to hiring permanent in-house counsel or engaging expensive traditional law firms. Qualified LAWYAL Consultants are available to provide quality and dependable online advice that is friendly and easy to understand, with the familiarity of a loyal in-house counsel.

By understanding the culture, processes, operations and policies of an organisation, we are better able to provide a complete legal advice that is closely aligned to the commercial objectives of the business. We also know how organisations make decisions and the legal and compliance risks considered in doing so. LAWYAL offers a legal hotline for smaller ad hoc legal queries from business departments, and advice on product development, policies and procedures, auditing and compliance, breach reporting, and reviewing advertising material.

LAWYAL can assist businesses with in-house style legal project management on large and complex litigation, M&A transactions and securitisation, by coordinating due diligence and investor queries, reviewing and advising on transaction documents, collating internal and external stakeholder feedback and board approvals, clear instructions to other expert lawyers required, and coordinating communications and notices to third parties. We maintain strong working relationships with many mid and top-tier external law firms in order to better assist organisations in highly specialised areas of law.

  • Provision of outsourced in-house legal services to medium and large financial institutions on a daily ongoing basis, providing an efficient and affordable legal hotline for general legal queries.
  • Provided legal project management support to medium and large financial institutions on defended borrower collections litigation, complex third party litigation, LMI claim denial disputes and potential and actual negative media and reputational exposure.
  • Acted as legal project manager on a Warehouse Trust term-out, whole loan book sales and purchases, securitisation transactions, and merger and acquisition transactions for medium and large financial institutions.