intellectual property law

LAWYAL Solicitors can assist Australian businesses with developing, protecting and managing intellectual property, including brands, business secrets, copyrights, software, contracts, licences and reputations. We conduct initial trade mark searches and assist with the end-to-end process of applying to IP Australia for assessments, registration and renewal. For third party trade mark infringements, we advise on initial strategy and draft first letter demands for third parties to cease using your trade mark.

By having LAWYAL Solicitors review marketing collateral, businesses can have better protection over brands and reputation by a reduced risk of regulatory intervention for misleading and deceptive advertising. We can also review collateral from an NCCP Act perspective and to ensure consistency with ASIC Regulatory Guide 234.

To protect business secrets and intellectual property in software, we draft protection clauses in contracts and brand and software licence agreements. With strong IP warranties and indemnities, organisations can feel more secure that one of the most valuable assets in their business, their brand, is better protected.

  • Conducted searches to ascertain availability of trade marks, providing advice on the likelihood of registration and applying for new registrations and renewals.
  • Drafted notices of demand for alleged trade mark infringements.
  • Drafted and reviewed brand and software licence agreements for a large financial institution, to ensure protection of IP in brands and technology.