business and commercial law

LAWYAL Solicitors advises Australian companies and small-to-medium enterprises on legal issues facing new business start-up, including general legal advice on appropriate structuring. We offer organisations a legal hotline service for general legal matters including review and advice on marketing and website content, disclaimers and terms of use, general legal questions and aspect of the Corporations Act.

We provide businesses with fast, easy to follow and affordable general or specialised contract advice and drafting. By drafting clear term sheets at the outset of transactions before the substantive agreements are negotiated, we can save businesses time and cost during negotiations. For more information on our contract law services, please see contract law.

The legal services we provide small-to-medium enterprises includes the development, protection and management of intellectual property, including brands, business secrets, copyrights, software, contracts, licences and reputations. Through the registration of trade marks and through IP clauses in contracts, we help protect business secrets and intellectual property. For more information on our IP legal services, please see intellectual property law.

  • Acted on the incorporation of small businesses, including legal advice on structuring options, company and business name registrations with ASIC and applications to IP Australia for trade marks.
  • Drafted services agreements, joint venture agreements and other general contracts for small-to-medium enterprises.
  • Conducted first searches with IP Australia to ascertain whether a trade mark is available, and managed applications through IP Australia.